It is not uncommon for businesses to devote hours manually entering data that already exists on a computer or on a report into one or more computer programs. This data may be from an external source, such as a credit card company or a supplier. Or it may reside in one program on your computer, but required in another program. The sharing and import of this data is known as data integration. Just because you have always entered all this data manually does not mean that there isn't a better way. More often than not, the entry of data into computer programs can be automated and streamlined.

Here is an example of unique data import processes we designed.

Inventory Data

It can take hours entering new inventory data into your software. It is not uncommon for a business to utilize inventory control software, point of sale software and bookkeeping software. When new inventory is received the related data is then manually entered into two or three programs. Human error or omission or deliberate falsification can occur.


We designed a process to facilitate the process to electronically enter new inventory records into your bookkeeping, point-of-sale and/or inventory management software. We take the source information from your supplier, whether in electronic or paper format, and convert it into an electronic file which may be imported into your programs. In the process, we automatically convert the inventory item description that was used by your supplier into the description used by your software. Alternatively, we can take the data entered into your software and reconcile it to the information supplied by your supplier, to ensure that your data was entered accurately.

If you enter large amounts of data, we may well be able to design a process that never occurred to you. We can design automated systems which will transfer data across your pertinent systems in a way that preserves the quality and consistency of your data across your entire business. If data sharing is an ongoing requirement, we can design a system that will enable you to perform this task as needed.

Contact Financial Fitness and we will arrange to attend at your place of business to conduct a free "fitness" audit of your systems and provide a written report with any recommendations for the sharing and integration of data, together with a firm quote for our services. There will be no charge if we do not provide tangible results.

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Data Integration and Import