As a Kelowna bookkeeping business we can offer you a wide range of bookkeeping services in Kelowna and surrounding region .


As the owner of a small business, trade or farming operation one of your challenges is how to accomplish your bookkeeping and do so safely. Do you do it yourself, have a family member do it or hire a bookkeeper? Or do you outsource your accounting? If your operation is more medium sized and you have a sole bookkeeper, how to you ensure the security of your finances and accuracy of your records?

Instead of doing it yourself or hiring an in-house bookkeeper, there are many reasons why you should outsource all or, at least some, of your bookkeeping operations. These include security of your finances, accuracy and timeliness of your financial information, saving of time and money and independent oversight.

One of the fundamental safeguards against internal bookkeeper fraud is the separation of critical responsibilities. If you have only a sole internal bookkeeper they should not be allowed to perform all of the bookkeeping tasks. In a small business that is difficult to accomplish unless you, as owner, personally and securely receive the bank statements, reconcile bank and charge card statements, enter and adjust inventory records and control accounts receivable write-offs. Do you have time to do this? Do you want to?

Here are examples of bookkeeper fraud that we have uncovered, all of which went undetected for some time because the internal bookkeeper was also the person performing the review and reconciliation:

  1. Cheques were prepared for fictitious bills, signed and then the payee erased and the bookkeeper's name inserted.

  2. Cash was received from clients, pocketed, the receivable deleted from the system and the invoice destroyed.

  3. Incorrect quantities of incoming inventory items were entered into the books and the unaccounted for items disappeared out the back door.


Unless you have sufficient staff to separate critical functions, the best method of minimizing these opportunities for fraud is to outsource, if not all your bookkeeping, at least the critical bookkeeping functions.  By outsourcing your accounting you separate the physical contact with invoices, bills and cheques from the accounting verification related to these items. If you have a bookkeeper, by outsourcing reconciliations of banks accounts, credit cards and inventory records, and the monitoring of your bookkeeping entries, you accomplish the necessary division of responsibilities.

As well, we ensure that your accounting records are secure and backed up. All of our client’s financial information is secured in password protected software, located in a folder which is encrypted and located on a computer which is also protected by a strong password. As well, the records are backed up every time they are updated. Then the original records and the backup are encrypted and stored in the cloud.

Do you or your relative have the time to keep your books accurate and up to date? Do you understand the importance of entering items in the proper categories? Remember 'GIGO' - garbage in, garbage out. If your records are full of inaccuracies or you have fallen behind in making your entries, how can you rely on your financial information to make sound business decisions?

As your business grows, you become busier. One of the first things that will slide is performing your bookkeeping functions or monitoring those who do your bookkeeping for you. By outsourcing all or some of your accounting, you can be confident that your books are up to date and accurate. If you are in business in the Kelowna region we can attend at your offices on a scheduled basis. Whether in Kelowna or beyond you can utilize the processes we have designed to automate the transmission of the necessary documentation and numbers to our office over the internet. We employ several different methods to accomplish this transmission and we would be pleased to discuss them with you. This enables us to perform the bookkeeping function well outside Kelowna, anywhere in western Canada.

As a result you always have available to you a set of accurate, detailed books and your financial information is always up to date, while we look after monitoring your accounts receivables, scheduling your accounts payable and paying your GST and other government remittances. We free you from the task of ensuring you have the most-up-to -date software, as well as the task of keeping up to date with the government regulations. We utilize QuickBooks 2016 and Sage 50 2017 to provide comprehensive and accurate bookkeeping services.

Saving Time and Money
In many cases it will be cheaper to hire an external bookkeeping service than hire an internal bookkeeper. For starters, the fee is set, without you having to worry about sick time, retirement benefits, payroll taxes, health insurance, or employee training. Outsourcing to a professional bookkeeper will also save you money in ways such as avoiding paying late fees by paying bills on time, catching fraud, and searching for tax deductions.

As well, you will not have to worry about employee turnover, the cost of the proper training of a new employee and the downtime necessitated by the hiring process and training. We are a bookkeeping service business operating out of Kelowna and, as such, are interested in long term commitments and growing our business. We offer you professional continuity.

Should you decide to do your own bookkeeping or hire someone who is not fully qualified and, as a result, inputting errors creep into your books, imagine what your external accountant will charge you at the end of the year to sort out what was done and make the necessary corrections.

There is a good chance that, all things considered, we can provide you with full bookkeeping services safer, more accurately and more cost-effective than can an in-house bookkeeper.


If, on the other hand, you have a bookkeeper and simply wish to improve the efficiency of entering credit card details or new inventory items into you own software, we can substantially speed up that process for you. We have designed unique, programmed spreadsheets to streamline these tasks. More information may be found on our spreadsheet page and our data integration page.

Independent Oversight
In providing your business with an external bookkeeping service, we can offer you an outside perspective, independent and free of conflict of interest. We will more clearly see a flaw in your business processes and offer you insights unhampered by emotional ties. Our bookkeeping service will not necessarily tell you what you want to hear regarding your financial situation, but will tell you as it is. As your bookkeeper, we will act like a financial watchdog over your business, always on the lookout for cost saving opportunities or financial trends that need attention.

Our Services

The following is a list of the bookkeeping services we can offer your business with either Quickbooks, desktop or online, or Sage to meet your preferences:

  • post receipts, cheques and bills

  • prepare your invoices or provide you with our invoice template, custom designed for your business

  • prepare your deposit form

  • prepare your bills for payment, including cheque preparation

  • prepare monthly reports, including balance sheet and profit and loss statements

  • prepare and file GST return

  • prepare and file workers' compensation/Worksafe BC forms

  • perform bank and credit card reconciliation

  • perform inventory record entry and reconciliation

  • budget preparation

  • overdue accounts receivable reminders

  • set up your own books and chart of accounts and import clients, vendors and beginning balances

  • perform month-end entries and data review for your own on-site books

  • year-end preparation for your accountant


Contact Financial Fitness for a free consultation and a quote for our bookkeeping services. We will customize a package to meet your business needs. Our fees for full bookkeeping services will depend on the level of service you require and the volume of invoices, bills and cheques processed each month, but start at $200 per month. Hire our bookkeeping service and enjoy the benefits of professional bookkeeping.

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