Brian was vice-chair of the Saskatchewan Health Information Network throughout the formative years of the development of the electronic personal health record.

Brian loves to write computer programs, crunch numbers and design methods to make computer input easier, more efficient and more accurate.


Denise Rourke

Denise Rourke has a certificate in Business Accounting and has years of experience performing accounting and payroll functions. She has been involved in the accounting functions in health facilities as well as being responsible for the bookkeeping and payroll functions in the forestry sector, law offices, home construction and farming.

Brian is a Kelowna bookkeeper, also does payroll, spreadsheet design & data sharing & data transfer
Denise does bookkeeping in Kelowna, also payroll & Excel spreadsheets

About Us

Our Philosophy

Whether it be bookkeeping, payroll, spreadsheets or data management, it is our philosophy that we will make your business more successful by ensuring your financial information is accurate and timely, while allowing our clients to focus on their business. Through the relentless pursuit of innovative solutions we strive to provide our clients with timely and accurate financial data in order that they may make informed business decisions. We have developed processes and procedures to capture and transmit business activity in a seamless fashion. We can simplify, while enhancing accuracy and security, the entry of data into your computer systems.

In doing your bookkeeping or payroll, once we determine the type and frequency of reports you need, we will deliver these reports on time, every time.

In designing spreadsheets, migrating data or simplifying data sharing or entry among several of your systems, we customize our product to meet your specific needs.

We are always accessible and responsive. We will endeavor to meet your specific needs.

Our Personnel

Brian Rourke, B.Comm (Acctg.), LL.B.

Brian Rourke is experienced in electronic record keeping, bookkeeping, spreadsheet design, spreadsheet

programming and data transfer. He was instrumental in the installation in western Canada of one of the first office computer systems as well as one of the first computerized client management and accounting software packages. He re-wrote some of the code to correct programming errors. He wrote several companion software packages to make data input faster and to enhance access to that data. He has also converted data from an old format into a new format and migrated that data into new software packages, which involved writing software and programming Excel. He has successfully completed the setup of Quickbooks and Sage bookkeeping programs.

Denise also participated in the installation of one of first computerized client management and accounting software packages in Western Canada. For many years she was in charge of training staff in the operation of computers, as well as word processing and accounting software.

Denise insists that data be accurate. If a bank reconciliation is out one penny, she will not stop looking until she identifies the error! Her motto is "if you cannot do it right, do not do it!"

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