Do you spend time performing the same manual data steps over and over again? Do you have spreadsheets that do not do all that you wish?  Spreadsheets are one of the most under-rated pieces of software available to a business. Harness the power of well-designed spreadsheets to automate many of your processes.

The built in power of Excel will allow you to perform, automate and streamline an amazing number of tasks and operations. Here are a few practical applications:

  • Spreadsheets can be used to perform complex calculations quickly, saving hours on a calculator.

  • Spreadsheets can easily sort  and filter large amounts of data.

  • Spreadsheets are invaluable in creating business simulations or "what-if" scenarios.

  • Spreadsheets can act as a database, storing huge amounts of data in a record format.

  • Spreadsheets are an efficient way of preparing budgets.

  • Spreadsheets enable a multitude of statistical analysis of large amounts of data.

  • Spreadsheets can be programmed to operate just like another computer program.

  • Spreadsheets can present information in the form of tables and charts.

  • Spreadsheets can be used to change data format for data sharing between programs.


Here is a sample of the spreadsheet services we can provide:

  •     Help you design spreadsheets and templates.

  •     Modify existing spreadsheets to meet your changing business needs.

  •     Correct broken formulas and spreadsheet errors when the original author has disappeared.

  •     Design user-forms and drop-downs to streamline error-free data entry.

  •     Design data validation rules to restrict data entry to only that which is defined.

  •     Design conditional formatting to highlight formulas, problems and opportunities.

  •     Develop locking and protection to prevent the alteration or deletion of formulas or important information.

  •     Design macros or program your worksheet to automate and streamline repetitive tasks, thereby increasing productivity and reducing errors.

  •     Automating time-consuming interfaces with other applications.

  •     Design charts and graphs for visualizing results.

  •     Design pivot tables for customized reporting.

The automated billing process we utilize in our bookkeeping business is one example of the power of Excel. We designed an invoice and then supplemented it by programming it to allow you to do the following:

  • Select and insert the client’s name and address in a format compatible with your bookkeeping software.

  • Perform all the necessary mathematical calculations, including assessing the sales tax and G.S.T.

  • Automatically transmit the client's invoice to the client and to our office for input into the bookkeeping software.

Another spreadsheet facilitates importing the relevant sales information into your bookkeeping software.


Spreadsheets are a useful and efficient tool for processing data from one source or program and importing it into another program. Examples of unique spreadsheets we designed to facilitate the entry of new inventory data and the reconciliation of inventory records may be found on our Data Integration page.

If you find you input the same data month after month, using valuable time and risking errors, consider whether this can be automated. With advanced formulas, macro design and VBA programming you can use your computer to deal with repetitive entries and achieve huge efficiencies in your day-to-day data management.

We design spreadsheets that look less like spreadsheets and more like applications. Where to enter data and where to find the results should be intuitive. Our spreadsheets are user-friendly.

Contact Financial Fitness for a free no-obligation review of your spreadsheet needs. We will provide a written report of our recommendations and a firm quote for the cost of the development. We will design the spreadsheet in partnership with you, reviewing drafts with you along the development process.

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