Bookkeeping, Spreadsheet & Data Services

Financial Fitness is a private bookkeeping firm specializing in bookkeeping, spreadsheet efficiencies and data migration and integration services. We offer a cost-effective, responsive and customized solution for your small business needs.  

Services Include accounting and bookkeeping services for small businesses including accounts payable scheduling, bank reconciliations and GST and other government remittances using the most current Quickbooks and Sage software.  

We can help you design, modify and program spreadsheets to assist in complex calculations, sorting and filtering data, model potential business scenarios, act as a database for storage solutions, preparing budgets, statistical analysis, and in the presentation of data through charts and tables.  Streamlining spreadsheets leads to business efficiencies and increased productivity.

We assist in data migration between storage types, formats or software packages for upgrading purposes.  We will set up your new bookkeeping software and assure you an accurate and efficient transition from your old software. We can also assist in data integration within your current system to automate tasks and reduce errors from external or internal programs such as credit card or inventory processing.

Advantages of our services:
Provide secure, accurate, comprehensive books for audit purposes without having to hire a full-time employee.  Save money on salary, benefits, payroll taxes, health insurance and employee training.
Provide independent, external oversight for current business practices and efficiencies. Allow you to focus on your business while we ensure your financial information is timely and accurate.  Provide streamlined solutions for enhanced accuracy, security and productivity.

Our goal is to work with you to provide solid financial and data management services so that you can focus on the operation of your business! Review what we have to offer and contact us for a free consultation.